Dealing with…

Why is so hard to deal with terminal illness and death? The lost of of someone we love is a devastating pain in our souls. it is like when we are trying to grab a crystal glass and suddenly it falls into the floor, and a life is suddenly shattered in front of our eyes, nothing to say, nothing to do, just standing there with empty hands and wondering why. Dealing with death and the separation its brings is something I have not being able to understand. I know about the hope of eternal life, but what about the excruciate pain of those who stay here, even with this hope. If we recognize our humanity, we realize the pain sometimes is even bigger. I wish I could deal with death in a different way or to have the right words to say to a friend who is dealing with the terminal illness of her sister. People say that “the darkest moment of the night is the beginning of the dawn” and this is when we try to know that “Trust is purified in the crucible of trial. From the depths of a purified heart, trust clings to the belief that whatever happens in our lives is designed to from Christ within us” (Brennan Manning)….honestly I just can feel the deep and profound pain of my friends.


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