Yesterday I watched a movie called "Reservation Road" and it was about a man who on the way back from a baseball game with his son gets in an accident and leaves the scene. In this accident a 10 year old boy dies. The story is about the two dads, one dealing with the lost... Continue Reading →

Emotional Death

Sometimes I loose hope on myself and it is usually when something inside of me has died. Death is not only loosing someone we love, but also can be the loosing of a dream, a desire, or just even our own track in life. For the last year I have gone through many times of... Continue Reading →

Among us-Entre Nosotros

Death walks among us! It surround our life constantly. We face the death of people we love almost every month and every day we can see somebody dying during the night news. There are countries in today's world that as a citizen you don't even know if you will come back home from work. If... Continue Reading →

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