I am really excited for all the classes I am taking this semester, all of them are related with Sociology. One of the classes I was a little bit afraid to start was Anthropology because I have heard a lot of really bad comments about the teacher, but let me tell you, the teacher is a great character and, I believe, he is someone I can learn a lot from specially because he is involved in the area I would love to specialized, Cultural Anthropology. It is so easy to stereotype another person and usually happens when in our own inadequacies we think we can not relate with that person. When I went to ratemyprofressor. com I was in awe of all the horrible statements about him, but what if we just stop and listen what he really have to say to us. What if we can, for just one moment, see beyond what we can not understand or accept from him. (his accents, his voice, his easiness to wonder around and talk about everything except the class) What if we can take all those distractions away from us and for a moment try to learn from the person teaching us. Last night for many of my classmates the class was boring, tired and non-sense; for me, in the other hand, was a time to discover an incredible person, whom I would love to sit by and listen all the good stories he may have.

I think one of the hardest thing to do as human beings is “accept one another”. Christ-God ask us to love one another because most of the time love can go beyond any other feeling. But sometimes I can love without accepting, but I can not accept without loving. Acceptance is the human experience of the heavenly love. It is what we can relate with each other, it is the most important ingredient for a community who wants Diversity among them. But it is hard to do because we need to be willing to surrender our own desires to feel accepted so we can pass through the wall of our limited understanding and touch and be touched by the one who is different, by the one who speaks different, by the one who relates different to me. “Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another’s person hood.” – Karen Casey
As a university student and sociology major acceptance should be our rule, the rule to open our minds so we can learn from every person, as imperfect as we are. I hope that some people in that class can go beyond themselves and touch and be touched by the words and life of this teacher.

Estoy muy emocionado por todas las materias que estoy llevando este semestre, todas ellas se relacionan con Sociología. Una de las clases que tenía un poco de miedo de empezar era Antropología, ya que había escuchado muy malos comentarios acerca del profesor. Pero déjenme decirles que el profesor es un carácter extraordinario y yo creo que él es alguien de quien yo puedo aprender mucho especialmente porque esta involucrado en el área que más me interesa: Antropología Cultural. Es muy fácil estereotipar a una persona y usualmente pasa cuando en nuestras deficiencias pensamos que no podemos relacionarnos con ella. Cuando fui a el sitio de califica a tu maestro en el internet me horroricé de los comentario que le hacía, pero que si solo pudiéramos detenernos y escuchar lo que él tiene que decirnos. Que si por un momento pudiéramos ver mas allá de lo que no entendemos o aceptamos (su acento, su voz calmada y su afán de hablar de otra cosa menos del tema) Que si podemos quitar todas estas distracciones de nosotros y por momento, tan solo un momento poder aprender de la persona que nos enseña. Anoche para muchos de mis compañeros, la clase fue aburrida, tediosa y sin mucho sentido; para mí fue un tiempo de descubrir a una maravillosa persona con quien me gustaría sentarme y escuchar todas las historias que puede ser que él tenga.

Una de las cosas mas difíciles por hacer como seres humanos es “aceptarnos unos a otros”. Cristo-Dios nos dijo que nos amaramos unos a otros ya que el amor, en muchas ocasiones, va mas allá de cualquier otro sentimiento. Pero a veces puedo amar sin aceptar, pero no puedo aceptar sino amo. La aceptación es el sentimiento humano del amor celestial. Es como nos podemos relacionar con los demás. Es el ingrediente mas importante para una comunidad que deseas diversidad entre ellos. Pero es muy difícil de hacer porque tenemos que estar dispuestos a rendir nuestros propios deseos de ser aceptados para así poder pasar la pared de nuestro tan ilimitado entendimiento y poder tocar y ser tocado por quien es diferente, por quien tiene un acento diferente, por quien se relaciona conmigo diferente. “En verdad amar a otro significa dejar a un lado todas nuestras expectativas. Significa una aceptación total, aun la celebración de la personalidad de la otra persona”-Karen Casey

Como un estudiante universitario y uno que estudia sociología, el aceptar debe ser nuestra regla. La regla de abrir nuestras mentes y poder aprender de toda persona, con todas nuestras imperfecciones. Espero que algunas personas en esa clase puedan ir mas allá de si mismos y puedan tocar y ser tocados por las palabras y la vida del maestro.


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    1. Well I am glad you were able to go beyond the title and soon my book will come out, so more deeper thoughts are going to be written there..=)

  1. Great post! I think a lot of the difficulties regarding acceptance have to do with projection. If we don’t accept ourselves as we are, we can never accept others, because the things we are not able to find and accept within ourselves will always be hypocritically judged by us in other persons. The inner denial of our own shadow personality traits is projected outwardly onto other persons, thus unconsciously creating a rift between the otherwise vitally entangled polarities of light/dark, good/evil, masculin/feminin,… without effectively realizing that the paradox of the opposites basically lies within the fabric of the human soul itself, and is only projected outwardly because of our ignorance regarding our natural state of imperfection.

    Society on the other hand constantly tries to imprint us with the distorted idea that we should strive after perfection by denying our innate, imperfect (thus, more natural) nature. Acceptance of others is a result of an attitude of liberating self-relativism which itself is one of the gifts one receives during an inner pilgrimage towards wholeness, which itself is an acceptance of one’s deep imperfections. Because wholeness is a somewhat contrary idea to perfection, and therefore goes against the contemporary world view of Western consumerism, the act of acceptance is so difficult.

    People nowadays talk about all these environmental disasters looming around the corner. But if we really would want to change the world for the better, we have to start with our own highly prejudiced ego-centric behaviour. If we would learn to take back our projections, accept our inner imperfections as they are, confront our inner demons and shadows, we would become much more humble and receptive towards others and Life itself. One person taking back his projections and thus directly influencing his environment is doing more to world peace than a bunch of world leaders agreeing on some highly ambiguous climate deal.

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