Fight Ignorance not Immigrants- No a la Ignorancia, si al Immigrante

Today I was shocked and disgusted when I found a group, on a well known network place, under the subcategory of organizations with the title of  “TTU Students against Illegal immigrants.” I know we have the right to say wherever we want to say against or in favor of any matter we would like to discussed; But it is unacceptable when words are written out of pure ignorance and specially coming from a group of University Students where supposedly are there to learn objectivity, diversity and to expand the knowledge of the world. I understand the concern of the people in the community, but I also know that “there is no such thing as an illegal human being”. The problem I see is that as a center where people come and learn, we need to battle against “ignorance”, specially if is against groups of people.(by the way any ignorance can harm). We as university students before we talk, we are responsible of getting all the information we can so we can present a better case. Talking out of anger, hate, and pure ignorance it does not show superiority but how weak and fragile is our humanity and how easily we can make statements that can hurt others, just because we felt with the right to talk.

We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them
Titus Livius

Hoy me sorprendí y horrorice cuando encontre en una red muy conocida de estudiantes bajo la categoria de organizaciones un lugar que como título decía: “Estudiantes de TTU en contra de los immigrantes ilegales”. Yo se que tenemos el derecho de decir lo que queramos en contra o a favor de algo que queramos discutir; pero no es aceptable el que palabras sean escritas de la ignorancia y especialmente si estas palabras vienen de un grupo de estudiantes universitarios donde supuestamente estan allí para aprender objetividad, diversidad y expander su conocimiento del mundo. Yo entiendo la preocupación de la comunidad, pero tmbién entiendo que no “existen nungún ser humano ilegal”. El problema que veo es que como centro en donde la gente viene para aprender necesitamos combatir la “ignorancia”, especialmente si es en contra de un grupo de personas (y pues de todos modos cualquier ingnorancia puede ser dañina). Nosotros como universitarios, antes de hablar, somos responsables de obtener toda la información posible para asi presentar un mejor caso. Hablar con odio, enojo e ignorancia no muestra ninguna superioridad, al contrario nos muestra que tan frágil y débil es nuestra humanidad y que tan facilmente podemos hacer comentarios que lastimen a otros, solo porque nos sentimos con el derecho a hablar.

Le tenemos miedo a algo en proporción a nuestra ignorancia de ello
Tito Livius


4 thoughts on “Fight Ignorance not Immigrants- No a la Ignorancia, si al Immigrante

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  1. I think that the main issue here is that we have to distinguish between illegal and legal immigrants. Legal immigration is a great thing. It has made this country the great and diverse country that it is. What groups like this (I haven’t read about this particular group, but know of others) are fighting against are what they see a particular group of people who are coming here in mass and changing the very foundation of this country and creating a subclass of people who really have no interest in fitting in. Try and see it from the point of view of someone who has lived here his whole life. Growing up, we didn’t have to choose 1 for English, 2 for Spanish. Because of illegal immigration, we now have a subset of people who are here strictly because things aren’t going well in their country. They aren’t here because they love this country. They aren’t here because they love what this country stands for. They are here strictly to work. They have no intention on trying to fit in or learn the language. Coming to this country used to be a privilege. You worked to come here, you learned the language, and you fit in. Now because of this influx, we have two separate cultures in this country which is changing the very dynamic of everything, including politics. I am not opposed to immigration. I think it is great. At college some of my fondest memories are of hanging out with people from all of the world and learning what life was like for them and what their country was like. But at the same time, we cannot let everyone into this country that wants to come. We have to make sure that the people coming here aren’t criminals and want a chance to live the dream. That is why we have the process of immigration and we need to stick to it.

  2. Tim,

    I am really thankful for your post. Honestly I am always trying to wear your shoes so I can understand better the other side. Sometimes it is difficult because as you said it, I was not raised here. So thank you for reminded me that I need to keep thinking about other possibilities. I just want to be clear in one thing, I am not in favor of illegal immigration,and I am totally in favor of legal ways to come to this country. But I am also against Ignorance in all matters specially if is coming from people who are spoused to be learning and being open minded. But I am also a human being and when I hear the stories of the immigrants who have come to this country I can not be against them. I know it is very easy to point our fingers specially if we haven’t listened to the other side. Thank you once again for sharing with me your side.

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