Avoid jalapenos from Mexico, not US

“WASHINGTON – Only jalapeno peppers grown in Mexico are implicated in the nationwide salmonella outbreak, the government announced Friday in clearing the U.S. crop. The Food and Drug Administration urged consumers to avoid raw Mexican jalapenos and the serrano peppers often confused with them, or dishes made with them such as fresh salsa.

This is classical example of “let’s find out who do we need to blame” First were the tomatoes, then the salsas, and now the Mexican peppers. It is so natural to blame others, it is just part of our humanity. Of course I will never say or even recognized that “all this time has been my fault” because on doing that I will be saying that I am not as a great person as people thought I was……. And take this as consideration, there is a new classification: Mexican jalapeño peppers and US Jalapeño peppers, do we need to start wondering if the Mexican jalapeño peppers are here with the right documents to be eaten?What do you think about this? Any comments?…..


One thought on “Avoid jalapenos from Mexico, not US

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  1. Hermano, Felicidades por esta critica a los chiles jalapeños y a lo que representa. Me gusto la analogia. Siguele por ahi es bien interesante. Felicidaes. Tu Hermano. JM

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