What is the definition of intense? According to the Cambridge dictionary is an adjective that describes something “extreme and forceful or (of a feeling) very strong”.
Yesterday was a day of decisions, today brokenness; two days with so much intensity that honestly I am tired (plus adding Mathematics and Philosophy at school) uff!! like we say in Mexico, “ya no más por favor” (no more please). It is amazing the way God works in our lives, or specially in my life. He gives me a fun ride so I get excited, then he takes me to die to myself so I can get broken. Awesome! Well not really! It is not as fun as it sound and it is not as easy as writing it. It is just so hard for me to give up on an idea of something I’ve been believing for so many years. And like a friend told me, may be I am not giving up on it at all, I am just pursuing it. You probably will say, “what in the world Miguel is talking about?” well don’t worry these are just thoughts coming and messing me around. But listen what I read at the end of the day in a time with God:

Let me make a suggestion. Each day take a little time to pause and pray, “Jesus, I thank you for everything.” In this simple prayer there is humility, a deep trust in his love, surrender, and thanksgiving. It glorifies Jesus and pleases the Father. It is a cry of abandonment. Actually, it is nothing more than what Paul asked of the Ephesians in chapter 5, verse 20: ‘Always and everywhere giving thanks to God who is our Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’. As you pray daily in this way, I believe you will hear the Father say something like this:

‘My child, fan the flame of your confidence in me. Keep it burning. I want you to be happy, to come back again and again to this feeling of trust until you are never without it. Trust is an aspect of love. If you love me and believe in my love for you, you will surrender your whole self into my hands like a little child who doesn’t even ask, Where are you taking me? but sets off joyously, hand in hand with his mother. How many blessings this happy confidence wins for you, my little one’ (Reflections for Ragamuffins)

“He trust in God. Let God rescue him if he wants him, for he said:
I am the Son of God.” Matthew 27:43


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  1. Thank God even in intense trials for his strength is made perfect in our weakness (2 Cor 12:9). There is a great song about brokenness called “Lift High” by Fee. Keep up your intense pursuit of Christ!

    Dios te bendiga!

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