Leadership vs Spiritual Direction

I am amazed how our soul and spirit craves for leadership. We are always looking for people to lead us into new and more profound ways. I have been raised among very authoritarian leaders, people who will tell me where to go, what to do, and even how to think. But I know deep in my heart that was not the kind of leadership I wanted. Then I came to the United States and instead of leaders I started to have friends who have been there in the good and bad times. After a couple of years like this suddenly I realized that my spirit was starving for leadership, but not the one I used to have, but the one I have learn to develop in Christ. May be I will never have the “world leader” I have always dreamed to have, but like Henry Nouwen said we need to move from being the prodigal son to become the compassionate father. May be I need to start learning not how to be a leader but a spiritual director. And when I talk about ‘director’ is not with an arrogant and superior mentality, but as a very messy human being who recognized his need in Him and who wants to keep connected with others. To be a soul friend or a spiritual friend. There are specially four people who have molded this kind of spiritual direction to me, and they have been very in touch with many of my struggles and battles, they have been  “soul friends” and in a sense spiritual directors.(even though some times they even listen to me) I just learned in the book I am reading that a leader will say: “I can see many good things in you”, but a spiritual director will say :” I can see many good things in you, and I would like to learn from you”. Wow! what a great servant leadership! what a great spiritual direction!.

We need someone who help us to distinguish between the voice of God and all the others voices coming from our own confusion or from dark powers far beyond our control. We need someone who encourages us when we are tempted to give it all up, to forge it all, and to just walk away in despair. We need someone who cautions us when we move to rashly in unclear directions or hurry proudly toward a nebulous goal. We need someone who can suggest to us when to read and when to be silent, which words to reflect upon, and what to do when silence creates much fear and little peace.

We need to start listening to the younger generation and stop pretending we have our life all together and in a great pedestal. We need to start unlearning leadership, and start learning to remain broken so we can become true spiritual directors to the many who are searching……may be together we can find the answers or get more questions!!


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