Spiritual Direction-Direccion Espiritual

I just came back from the wedding of good friends and I was very close to cry when the bride came into the sanctuary…but I didn’t….uf!!!(that was hard thing to do because I am a crying baby, even with Bambi I get so sad). Last night I went to bed very late sharing my heart and passion to a new friend that i just met. And as you know when I get excited I talked until I don’t have more words to say or until I need to go to bed.
I believe that after three years without any direction, I have realized that God is helping me re-direct my way through the many friends and new friends He is bringing into the table. I want to share with you the things I am learning about Spiritual Direction according to my favorite author, and let me tell you this explains my goal as a lead facilitator at Connection and my norm as a human being and believer of God. (I wont share the author’s name because If you know me you should know who he is anymore, hehehe!:

To be a witness means to offer your own faith experiences and to make your doubts and hopes, failures and successes, loneliness and woundedness, available to others as a context in which they can struggle with their own humanness and quest for meaning. Who really wants to make their struggle available to others as a source of growth and understanding? Who wants to be reminded of their weaknesses and limitations, doubts and uncertainties? Who wants to confess that God cannot be understood, that human experience is not explainable, and that the greatest questions of life do not lead to answers but only to deeper questions? Who wants to be vulnerable and say with confidence, “I don’t know!” To offer or receive spiritual directions calls for the courage to enter into the common search, confront our brokenness, and use this capacity to grow through wisdom and understanding. Spiritual directions means to listen to the other without fear and to discover the intimate, divine connections within your own stormy life history. It means to help others discover that their questions are human questions, their search is a human search, and their restlessness is part of the restlessness of the human heart–your own included.

To those with serious struggles and burning questions, i want to reach out with compassion and say: “You seek answers to what cannot be fully known. I don’t know either, but I will help you search. I offer not solutions, no final answers. I am as weak and limited as you are. But we are not alone. Where there is charity and love, God is there. Together, we form community. Together we continue the spiritual search” (H.N. Spiritual Direction)

Beautiful!! don’t you think so!!! What a magnificent statement about what leadership in the year 2008 should be. It is the way to become the father from the prodigal son. A father who can see beyond dirtiness and desperation, beyond insecurity and unworthiness; a father who can recognized his own wounds and embrace his son not from what he can not offer, or from what he can pretend to have; but out of care, love and compassion. It is a father who can say, “I see something wonderful in you, let me learn from you”.

After everything has been said and done, what we have to offer is our authentic selves in relationship to others. What matters most, what transforms, is the influence of a humble, vulnerable witness to the truth

Believe it or not, I am finally listen to God’s Spiritual direction in my life. New times are coming I truly believe that.


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  1. these reflection have been an important help, because I have to guide an anglo group in spite of I dont speak english but I have to celebrate every day for them

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