Enchanted Parsonge-La Casa Pastoral Encantada

Last night we went for the first time to Cumberland County Play House to see the Beauty and the Beast, where the wife of our friend John was performing as “Mrs. Pott”. The play was very well done, all the actors and actresses were fabulous with amazing voices. If you live around this area you should go to the play house and enjoy the many performances they have during the year. The funny thing in this story is that after the play was done John started to text me funny titles about the play and the next one was hilarious, “Welcome to the Beauty and the Priest. The story of a women locked in an enchanted parsonage“. ( I would love to write

about the many parsonages stories) I laughed so hard because I imagine how many pastor’s wives are living in this conditions, and I have heard many parsonages stories that sometimes are funny and other times a little bit scary. The exchange of text messages lasted even until Saturday morning with John sending an overflow of different titles, some more creative than others like ,”the cutie and the fleece. The story of a sheep in love”. I know this is silly but what I liked about all these is that John is free to send me these messages knowing I will laugh or at least I will realize the horrible sense of humor he has. For a couple of moments we both forgot our pastoral positions and became just two good friends laughing about the simple things in life….but I still think I need to research for parsonage’s stories, just to brink a little bit of humor to our ministries.(so if you have a story send it to: carpizomiguel@yahoo.com)


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