Just dust-Solo polvo

One thing is to hear all the teaching we received through out the years, another, and most of the time the hardest thing to do, is to learn those teachings. Once we learn it we have to put them on practice. I was born of the spirit, born of water, born of love many years... Continue Reading →

The Smell of Grace-El Olor de la Gracia

To finish this day with the embrace from Abba, my Father; a group of friends from Connection organized a surprise birthday party....indeed He listens!...tomorrow Paula and I going for a two day mini-vacation. This is true DIVERSITY and this is the smell of the Grace of God. Make us one oh God, shaking all the... Continue Reading →

Psalm 32-Salmos 32

Thanks for all your encouraging words, I feel truly part of a community, a community of people of different backgrounds, colors, races...a community of a great family. God, my Abba, Christ and the Holy Spirit are helping me to embrace the redeeming power of His cross. I know, you probably asking yourself why he is... Continue Reading →

Just a break- Un receso

I have decided not to blog anymore....just for a while....I need to take time to think about life and contemplate His cross He decidido no escribir mas....solo por un momento...necesito tomar un tiempo para pensar en la vida y contemplar Su cruz...

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