"Isaiah Berlin, the philosopher and historian once said, 'The fundamental sense of freedom is freedom from the chains, from imprisonment, from enslavement by others'. Imprisonment not only happens inside of a jail cell, but is more often found in the soul of a man or a woman. The imprisonment of the soul is even more... Continue Reading →

The Glory Hole- El Hoyo Glorioso

I just finished to read the process to blow glass and through out the whole process--that is for people who has patience--I saw the glassblower take his creation into a very hot furnace called the glory hole. Then I got it! God ,who is the glassblower in my life, is little by little blowing his... Continue Reading →

Dancing- Bailando

Today I danced salsa for almost two hours, oh yeah!! When I dance my spirit, believe or not, is renewed. I know some people that would say to me that I am not true Christian just because of the fact that I love dancing, but to be honest, real and sincere, I DO LOVE IT!!... Continue Reading →

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