What about Creativity?

Since I met Brittney I have never been able to have long conversations with her, I haven’t been able to connect or even to relate with her. She was starting her senior year at High school and I was already an adult, married and with a longer and more used mileage than her. But there is one thing that I feel connected to her, through arts.
She is the kind of person so sensitive in this area that she will think beyond what anybody else I know. Sometimes I would like to know what is going on in her mind and the way she sees the world and converted into something beautiful like a drawing, a picture, and a design.
This is how I think her mind works; sometimes in the middle of I don’t know what, she sees something nobody else is seeing. That goes straight to her mind and thousands of little workers start gathering the many ideas she is bringing into the middle of her brain. Oh my gosh! It is so noisy; it is a chaos inside, little workers going up and down, with pencils, pens, crayons, hammers, paper and probably a camera and they are going to the working room. A room designed and used specially for big projects. Suddenly Brittney stops and looks into a wonderful sunset and how the little soap bubble from a kid near by surrounded the scene, it is like this bubble is part of the whole sunset scene. The little workers are so busy because a huge waterfall of ideas just came into the working room; they are over saturated. They can not handle so much….stop, stop!!! Stop thinking!!! We need to act, we need to do something. So one of the little workers, the boss screams to another who is at the higher position of her brain and screaming he says: tell the brain that we need to start moving the hand because we are getting full in here!!!! Brittney seats down and grabs a pencil. The brain has listen to the command of the little worker and the nerves jumps out and run as fast as possible to the end of the fingers so the flow of ideas comes out and BUM!!! A CREATION Comes!

I am not a creative person but I love creative people and I love creativity. If creativity is to create, long time ago God the Father brought all his desires and ideas and in 7 days he created the heavens, the earth and each one of us. Our creativity as human beings comes from the one who originated and created creativity, our Creator, our God, our Father Almighty. That is way God is the source of our creativity, because He is the Creator of all things. He is the main artist; He is the painter of a great master piece: You, me, the world that surrounds us.

In the 1600’s there was a man who was recognized as one of the greatest painters of the European arts history and the most important in his native country the Netherlands often called Holland. His paintings have been seen for millions of people and until now 400 years later Rembrandt is remembered. But Rembrandt is just part of the Master pieces of God’s creation; he is just one of the million paintings He has showed in His biggest art museum: the world.

We need to keep remained ourselves that God’s creations are still alive after so many years, and His paintings of great sunsets and sunrises, His sculptures when a child is born are still present. Remember God the Creator. Remember your Creator, He is the one who one day sat down and decided to let the flow of creativity from within and you and I were the result of that.


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