New Book

The new book I am reading, Excellent!!!
El nuevo libro que estoy leyendo, ¡excelente!

Thoughts from the book/Pensamientos del libro.

“It was out of his compassion that Jesus´s healing emerged. He did not cure to prove, to impress, or to convince. His cures were natural expression of his being our God.
The mystery of God’s love is not that our pain is taken away, but that God first wants to share that pain with us”
“Fué de su compasión que la sanidad de Jesús resurgio. Él no sano para probar, para impresionar, para convencer. Su sanidad fué una expresión natural del ser Dios. El misterio del amor de Dios no es que nuestro dolor es quitado, mas bien es que Dios quiere compartir ese dolor con nosotros”

“Being compassionate would require giving up dividing lines and relinquishing differences and distinctions. And that would mean losing our identities. This makes it clear why the call to be compassionate is so frightening and evokes such deep resistance. This fear, which is very real and influences much of our behavior, betrays our deepest illusions: that we can forge our own identities; that we are the collective impressions of our surroundings; that we are the trophies and distinctions we have won. This, indeed, is our greatest illusion. It makes us into competitive people who compulsively cling to our differences and defend them at all cost, even to the point of violence”


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