My Second House

Tennessee Tech University's library has become my second house. For the last 48 hours I have spent 15 hours seated in a small cubicle, with classical music on and doing lots and lots of homework. I haven't had a lunch break yet (that I don't really need it!! jejeje!) and it is already 4:50p.m. Plus... Continue Reading →

The Art of Hospitality

Sometimes we are afraid of new challenges, but never be afraid of new relationships. The open door for God to move is always a possibility Last weekend we were extremely busy, not with Connection (church programs), but being creative on the Art of Hospitality. Yes! I believe Hospitality is an art that can be learned.... Continue Reading →

A thought from TTU

(Lunes 14 de enero)Estoy sentado esperando a que empiece mi clase vespertina de Civilización Mundial. Me he sentado al frente porque me gusta poner atención al profesor. De mi lugar tengo la vista de la entrada de la biblioteca y los reflejos de las muchas luces en cientos de autos. Con mi taza de café,... Continue Reading →

A Dancing Heart

Once in a while my momentum of deep thinking and brokenness is transformed in joy. This is joy is expressed through the love I have for salsa music. Today I found this video that originally is played by the master of "timbales" Tito Puente; but this kid has a tremendous gift. This music makes my... Continue Reading →

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