As a Symbol of Humanity

In what century do I live, I ask myself?, when I made the decision to come to the United States and serve as missionary I was so excited. So excited because I was coming to the country where all the missionaries I knew were from, I was coming to a “first” world country so advance in technology with extremely friendly people (that was the way I see them back in Mexico). In the midst of Christmas I have been reminded that it doesn’t matter if we live in a “first” or “third” country, we are still human beings and , there are no barriers between each others, unless we are the ones creating them….. my heart cries when I see people with such hate towards others, and as my friend David said last night in the posada, “we expresses our sincere belief that the nativity of humanity overlaps all borders. We are all immigrants within the borders of this existence. We are all neighbors in the neighborhood of eternity.“……Let’s keep building bridges between cultures, between people, between each other. Let us see people not with our minds but with our heart as symbol of peace, as a symbol of humanity.


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