Embracing our Shadows

I started another book today, of course is Henry Nouwen. Nouwen has become an instrument to get me closer to Christ and to Abba. His writings has helped me to get deeper on the understanding of my humanity, my brokenness, but also to realized that I immensely loved by God. Here are couple of words to think, “Nouwen urges us not to bypass loneliness, hospitality, and illusion. They are the very route to solitude, hospitality, and prayer. It is in the midst of the old that we encounter new life. The careful and honest articulation(rather than avoidance) of the ambiguities, uncertainties, and painful condition of everyday existence can bring us hope and renewal. Our vision of the future is born out of the sufferings of the present and our compassion for others out of our despair. In other words, only by embracing our shadows can become fully integrated and authentic spiritual pilgrims. As Nouwen points out. Jesus shows, both in his teaching and in his life, that true joy often is hidden in the midst of our sorrow, and that the dance of life finds its beginnings in grief”.(The Dance of Life 25)

It is amazing to realize that God indeed speaks to us and like Henry states is an “absurd living a way of life in which we remain deaf to the voice which speaks to us in our silence. It seems as though the world in which we live conspires against our hearing that voice and tries to make us absolutely deaf” (28)

Today I read what I just wrote here, but yesterday while reading the Life Journal the Words speaks into my heart that “God who got everything started and keeps everything going now completes the work by making the salvation pioneer perfect through suffering as he leads all these people to glory”(Hebrews 2:10-12)

Embracing my shadows and suffering will lead me to glory, to the dance of life, to breath Him in every moment, even if takes my breath away from joy or pain. His voice still speaking and in this moments when I am able to hear His voice in the midst of any shadow or suffering I know I haven’t become deaf to Him.

Embrace your shadows….May His voice speaks to you as alive as you have never experienced it. May the time you spend with Him, alone in solitude, a time of re-freshness…Don’t bypass loneliness, hospitality, and illusion……


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