Do we know the pain in each others heart?

A rumor came into my ears last week; and it came as a knife cutting in pieces my heart. A person, whom we thought was close to us, has been criticizing us for the way we deal with our precious “Alejandro”. Because when we were asked to give him away, we never helped the family and we just forgot about them. People don’t realize the pain and hurt we felt when we lost “Alex”, people don’t see the many nights we cried, the many night we asked God why?…The judge told us to give him back to his family and never return….
This Christmas will be very hard for me(and I know also for Paula), last year we were already making plans for “Alex” to arrive to our house…..It is still painful!!!…This makes me think that sometimes we are very easy to judge people, but do we know the pain inside of their heart? are we vulnerable enough to share our pains with friends and family? May His arms embrace us, so we can know that in Him we can rest…..


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