"Yes" to Him

Long time ago a teenage girl from a very religious family found herself in a very difficult situation. She was so afraid, so lonely; she didn’t know what to do. What was she going to say to her parents? Oh my gosh!!! “I am pregnant!!!”. His boyfriend was also scared, he didn’t know what to do. “what everybody will think about us now?”-He will ask himself. Fear, doubts, unclear future was all in his mind. I can easily hear these two young fellows crying out to God. Suddenly the light, the hope, the faith appears to them as an angel and told them: “Do not fear!” With not knowing what their answer to God will bring, both of them say “YES” to God. I know most of the time our lives are a mess and we don’t have clear direction where we are going, but today I just want to say “yes” to Him. I can hear Joseph and Mary singing this words to God, the same way I am singing them now, and may be the same way you may be singing it. May this song give you the peace of the angel of annunciation in your life.

I lay myself at Your feet, asking You won’t You meet
Won’t You meet us
I cannot do it on my own, I cannot do it all alone

Here I am, oh, tonight with my arms open wide
Won’t You come inside, won’t You come inside,
God come and fill this heart of mine
I want to yearn for you
I’m in need of You of Your touch, of Your life, of Your love
I need You
I need You

(Written by Shawn McDonald, if you want to see the VIDEO go to the right side of this blog and click on videos)


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