Even thou I taught about hope, even thou I encourage people today about seeing the small signs that God is giving us in the Advent season, when everybody left and in the silence of solitude….we cried, and an overwhelmed sadness came upon our hearts. To grief is part of the healing. Our hearts are grieving for the good friends and family. I think is the part of being broken before Him. May we Breath Him, in sadness, on suffering, in your own emptiness, so his Spirit can come and shine upon us in the midst of our darkness….is still hard to see Paula crying….and please don’t take me wrong, we are so great full of all the families and individuals who are still part of the Connection family. I want to keep learning and I will keep moving forward because I know connection is not about how wonderful congregation we are, but about the connections we are making and how we can help each other to find God in the midst of our own journey.


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