Learning from the Unexpected

"A busy man who walks up to a precious flower and says: what for God's sake are you doing here? Can't you get busy someway? and then finds himself unable to understand the flower's response: I am so sorry, sir, but I am just here to be beautiful". How can we also come to this... Continue Reading →

The Real Nativity

In many churches, communities, fellowships or groups, starting with our own, we want to create an atmosphere of true fellowship; of people that always smile, always have the right word to say, and most of all of people giving the glory to God. We want to be an example for the people "outside" of our... Continue Reading →

As a Symbol of Humanity

In what century do I live, I ask myself?, when I made the decision to come to the United States and serve as missionary I was so excited. So excited because I was coming to the country where all the missionaries I knew were from, I was coming to a "first" world country so advance... Continue Reading →

Are we listening?

I really needed to share this with you. My last post was written late Wednesday nigh, early Thursday morning because I was having a little of trouble getting to sleep. So I decided to keep doing my Life Journal and this is the word that came alive and let me tell you Jeff shared this... Continue Reading →

Embracing our Shadows

I started another book today, of course is Henry Nouwen. Nouwen has become an instrument to get me closer to Christ and to Abba. His writings has helped me to get deeper on the understanding of my humanity, my brokenness, but also to realized that I immensely loved by God. Here are couple of words... Continue Reading →

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