The thorn..a remainder of His grace

The phrase “God hate the sin and love the sinner” is a very condemning phrase, how can the sinner be separated from the sin? I can not separate from sin, it is in my human nature. I can try to do everything I can to be separated it from me, but all my intentions are worthless. If I was able to separate from my sin then why do I needed a Saviour? If I was able to take away my sin so God can love me more, then why the need of Christ’s blood?God loves me the way I am, a sinner who do acts of sin. Brennan Manning will say, “Hatred of the impostor is actually self-hatred. The impostor and I constitute one person. Accepting the reality if our sinfulness means accepting our authentic self.”

I, Miguel, have a thorn who keep remained me about how week and how easily I can fall into believing what I don’t want to be. A thorn that was placed in me–not exactly why–but I know I will have to live with it until I see the face of Christ. My heart knows it belongs to Abba, my thorn pinches me and tortuous me taking me to believe in the impostor-a life of pretense–a wonderful, magnificent, incredible, joyful, without battles-life. But the Spirit of the Risen one keeps pulling me towards Abba, keeps reaching to my hands so I can hold it and be moved towards Him. Meanwhile the impostor in his need of acceptance, value, and self-worth keeps trying to convince me that I haven’t changed. That’s right I haven’t changed, I am still a sinner who sins; but His Spirit keeps speaking to my soul, to my spirit saying: my son, I love you just the way you are, I know you weakness, I know your heart. You are in my hands….

“Abba Father, it gives us joy to know that as Your children we can speak honestly with You any time, any place, under any circumstance. We don’t not have to wear masks but can come to you openly, dirty and ragged, with all our sins and brokenness. Thank you for Your all covering grace through Jesus Christ. Amen”
Brennan Manning


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