A Response

This was my response to this post: Students Leaving the church

what if we are able NOT to do church but become the church. Not a place of programs, activities, missions, outreaches, but a place where I–a totally hypocritical, imperfect, weak who loves to dance salsa and all kinds of Latin music–can come and get together with other non-sense, lazy, struggler people with a desire to seek God deeply not in a building but in a friendship,in a house, with a beer, playing golf, hiking, knowing that our grow in God will not depend on our success,if we have a mega church,or we are a great speaker. Not a upward growth, but downward, simple and more real, vulnerable and open,so people can see how dirty we look and are, but a strong desire to find our fulfillment in Him, even if sometimes our lives looks miserable and we don’t have any idea where are we heading. A place where we don’t expect for the pastor to know all the answers and teach the best preaching; but where we can learn from each others’ gifts. The thing I don’t like is when opening a “new church” we end doing the same old same because it is the only thing we know what to do. Are we willing to get rid of everything and start all over again?or as simple as going back to the church of Acts… 


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