Ode to Love

While reading a blogging-friend, I was reminded of true love and this is what I commented about his post:

“Why is that we desire that intimate and deep relationship not only with God but with others? It is within us, part of our nature as human begins. True and real intimacy. The same intimacy that Adam and Eve had in the beginning and the true intimacy we can have now in Christ.I have experienced that love you are talking about, not only from God but from the person who was placed on earth to practice that love to me. A person that can give love without limits, without asking in return, forgiving even the most horrible and destructive of the offenses: selfishness. She has loved me, encouraged me, believed in me, she has given me her hand, her tears, her shoulders, her heart. A safe place where I can be myself, broken, imperfect, selfish, immature. She has been my only best friend I have had: Paula, my wife. I don’t know how many men can say that their best friend is their wives. I can because I have lived through it. She has helped me to be even more intimate with other men who now have become close friends. Thanks for sharing what this brother has been to you, this generation is seeking for people willing to show themselves…..Breath


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