Writing a book

I just bought four new books, two from Nouwen, one from Merton and one from Yaconelli. I have been so hungry to read lately–that may be just for the year 2007– I have read almost 20 books plus the one I have read at school. I was today at Books A Million trying to get on my hands more books about Judaisms, the Mother Teresa and American History.My mind is already fried and I want to burn it. So many books, so many things to learn. But today for the first time a thought came into my mind: I couple of weeks ago I read in a friend’s blog if we have room for failure? Most of the writers of good books are successful in the eyes of everybody else, why we can not read book of unsuccessful people? people that have failed? or just people with no big titles. Well after my last post and a very close failure of my first class at University; today I have decided to write a book.(yes I want to be one of the 1,000,000,000,000,000 writers out there, the difference is that nobody knows me). I have the title already; now as my blog friend Megan says, now I just need to write 500,000 words…….simple right!! Today I had a good day date with Paula……


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