If I don’t see what I have in front of me, and I cannot see in faith what God has for me….what is the result: Blindness. I feel in a state of blindness. I used to have all these new ideas and visions, I used to dream about the future and what this future would look like. The result of that was the start of the Hispanic movement in the district where I have served. Even though I gave my life to that dream little by little I felt left behind. I want to stand up and say: enough!, Miguel you need to re-gained your strength and keep moving, you need to start dreaming again, you need to start having visions, but I don’t know how to start, where to go, or what to do. I feel that what I had, I gave away and now I don’t know what else to give. I would like to be able to see but honestly I can not. is this what failure feels? Founding myself in a place of spiritual, personal, and ministry discontentment. Or is this part of God taking me to the dessert, to a place of not control, to a place of emptiness?


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