When the coin goes down!!

In Mexico we have a saying, “por fin te cayo el veinte” (when the coin goes down) Let me explain it to you. We used to have public telephones cabins where you went and grabbed the handle, deposited a coin and dialed, as soon as the other end answered the coin will go down connecting you with the person you wanted to talked. We use this phrase when something has clicked in our mind, in our life, and suddenly we realized is there. Well, “por fin me cayo el veinte”. (my coin has gone down). Last Saturday we have a “quinceañera” celebration. A quinceañera celebration in the Hispanic community is when a girl goes from being a girl and becomes a woman. It is a big celebration full of music, special dances, great food and most of all the enormous joy of the family and friends on welcoming a girl into the world of womanhood.

One of the most beautiful things I saw during all this festivity is when Sami (the girl who was celebrated) chose Rockey and Jamie (an American family) to be her godparents. When asked why she chose them, she said, “if something happens to my parents, I would choose them as my new parents” or when Rockey and Sami sang together or when I saw Rockey (the president of El Grupo, the leadership team of Connection) dancing with Malena (a very funny lady) ,or when Sam (19 year old) was invited to join Sami’s escorts and dance an waltz with her.WOW!!I saw what Connection has been all about. All these people not worrying about what others will say. What a great testimony to others! Then it got me!!!! I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!!! I love these people, people we can be real with our flaws and imperfections, where we can ask even if it sounds ridiculous, where we can dance and celebrate……and yet love God with what we can!!! This time of stuckness has brought me life and understanding that we are not growing in numbers but we are growing in deepness. Deepness of friendship, connecting cultures, races, generations. I am so blessed to be the pastor of all these people. (whether I believe I have a call to be a pastor or not) A place where we don’t have to have all the things together, all the answers or the strategies. It is just a group of messy people finding God in their own journey. Leaving behind our differences of language, idiosyncrasy, status quo, theology and enjoy life together………and guess what? Julia Wiant, Lee’s daughter wants a quinceañera and she is not even Hispanic….well this is the beauty of building bridges, and for Julia there is not difference. This is what Connection is all about.


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