Underground Café(Underground Congregation)

What about a congregation that is a free medical clinic, a coffee-restaurant , an after school program, a weekend Peña(live music, wine and dancing), a “tapas” place( appetizers place), a place that instead of a sermon where a person talks and everybody listen, is a teaching where everybody learns together, where there is not a pulpit and chairs, but sofas, tables and breakfast, I mean full-breakfast! Where you have teachings in Spanish and English and a time of worship bilingually. Where you can have Latin-American Friday nights, blues and jazz nights, open-mic nights. Where people can come and learn Spanish, English, dancing (salsa, folklore or classical), drawing, sculpture, guitar,piano lessons and about God. Where it is not about Sundays, where we wont go to church, but we go to become the church. What about a congregation that is about restoration instead of self-preservation. What about a place were we can be ourselves, just the way we are hypocrites, imperfect, loud, weak, people with hunger for spirituality, thirsty for God.Where you may be have a pastor who doesn’t know how to teach and a teacher who knows who to be a pastor. Where people won’t expect anything from one single person but as everybody else in the group. A place with not programs but activities. Do you think people will be interested in something like this?


3 thoughts on “Underground Café(Underground Congregation)

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  1. Joanna, Joanna, Joanna…you have always been a good encourager…do you know that!!! Muchas Gracias….thank you very much…

  2. Miguel –
    This sounds awesome! I love this vision. I’ll be praying for your awesome vision of the kingdom of heaven “at hand” to continue. You’re an inspiration!

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