Why there has to be so many divisions on today’s Christianity?  So many churches, so many ways to worship, so many ways to be: “cool”,”traditional” “contemporary”,”new”, “not religious”, loud music, organ music, Latin music, country music, movie theaters churches, elementary school churches, denomination, non-denomination, main denomination, different churches, Calvinism, Lutherans, Wesleyan, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc. All this seems like we are even more divided than ever. I ask myself, Why is about us all the time? Why we need to judge each other? Why as a protestant cannot learn from a Catholic?Can I be open to learn from an atheist? Can I learn from people outside of the church?…..if I was just open to learn from others. Are we really the Church?


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  1. I think about this constantly. Though the world’s perspective on the truth will never change, I wonder why churches with seemingly the same God spend so much time judging each other like neighbor clans fighting over a piece of land. Why can’t we learn from each other? Why can’t we congregate and worship together? Isn’t that what it’s really about? What is so wrong hearing an atheist’s perspective? Is there really nothing I can learn from him?

    …Sometimes I wonder.

    I do believe though, that these denominations are not the most important thing. God gave us the right to worship as we choose, how we do it should not be an issue. So let them speak in tongues or let them read their prayers out of a book – the important thing is Who is the focus of our thoughts and our worship. Who is at the core of our beliefes ties us on the very basic levels.

  2. Yes!!! That is exactly what I was thinking when I wrote “unlearning”. Can I truly learn from an atheist’s perspective? am I open, truly open to learn from others that think different than me?….the sad thing is that even inside of our own congregations we haven’t learn from each other…..

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