Friends and Shrimp

Today we invited good friends to have dinner with us. Paula was a little concerned because the house was a mess. Then we realized that when people come to our house, we need not to worry about the estate of it; if we have a mess they will realize we are as normal as we everybody else. So we invited John and Becky Perdue, John is a United Methodist Pastor in the city of Smithville, but John and Becky are extremely real when they are around us and around everybody else. They are from Kentucky so as soon as they arrived to the house they asked us to turn on the TV because the University of Kentucky was playing. Becky was screaming, jumping around, calling desperately to her son, she was a real character. OH MY!!! wait when she realized her team beat LSU….she screamed so loud that I couldn’t hear for the rest of the evening, she started to run around the room, called her son, jumped for a whole minute, then she came and collapse at the sofa saying: “I cannot believe it, I cannot believe it”(with a very strong Mexican accent, because she loves Mexican accent) How real is that!! We have dinner, couple of red wine, shrimps, play uno, and laughed together. I am grateful for their friendship, it is like being at home. Coming together and be myself with our friends reminds me about the friendship I have with Abba, can I spend an evening with Him just being myself? Abba can I play uno with you? Friends and Shrimp made my day today!


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