Do u wear a halo?

Brennan Manning says, “Simple, my dear fellow! Your trouble is you have your halo on too tight. All we need to do is to loosen it a bit. The trouble with our ideals is that if we live up to all of them, we become impossible to live with. The tilted halo of the saved sinner is worn loosely and with easy grace. We have discovered that the cross accomplished far more than revealing the love of God. (The Ragamuffin Gospel) Today I was in a meeting of “pastors” and let me tell you on that table our halos were extremely tight. nobody wanted to go deeper, nobody wanted to show vulnerability….but I did and the silence was extremely silence. How the silence be extremely silence? well, it is the result of being vulnerable……we want intimacy in the Church, but without vulnerability…..IMPOSSIBLE, if we keep wearing our halos on the super tight position. Where is you halo?


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