List of things and people that make me think: Man I am so blessed!

  • My beautiful and most loving friend and wife: Paula
  • God, Christ and the Holy Spirit
  • My mommy and daddy
  • My in laws, believe it or not…
  • The good friends that has become a family
    • John and Carrie Limbacher
    • Jeff, Denise, Madison and baby Robert Streszoff
    • Dunn’s family
    • Cesar, Jessica, Camila and Larissa Rios
    • Ponce’s family
    • Ovando’s family
    • The funny one Doña Malena
    • Roxanna Newberry , Jason and Warren and Tony
    • Don and Jackie Ragland
    • Dino and Catherine Cates
    • Tom and Gail Halliburton
    • Max Mayo
    • John and Becky Perdue
    • John and Stasia Nielsen
    • Joanna
    • Rockey and Jaime Talley
    • The Perez Family in Mexico
    • Omar and Heidi and their children
    • Ivan Figueroa and their children
    • Juan Carlos y Ceci Barreto
    • Lidia from Peru
    • Pam Wihtmore
    • The Hall’s Family
    • The Talley’s
    • The Baranosky’s
    • For Jim and Molly
    • Chris Barns
    • Eric Ragland
  • The beautiful house we live
  • The cars we have
  • Connection
    • for the worship band
    • the prayer ladies
    • the guys group
  • For my life
  • For the opportunity to go to Tennessee Technological University
  • For the opportunity of living in The United States
  • For my family
    • My sister Maria and her husband Fernando and their children
    • My brother Eugenio and his wife Marcela and their children
    • All my 20 nieces and nephews and their children
    • My nanny: Cuquita
    • The son we had for one month: Alex.
  • For my sight
  • For the use of my hands
  • Because I breath…….yeah!!

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