What else?

Taken from  The Journey I think the Spirit of God is putting all this in the heart of people all around, when I read others having the same yearning toward something different of what we are living my heart says: YES!! Oh Lord please let me know what should I do, what should I say,... Continue Reading →

Pharisaic Christians

I read this in one of the blogs I like Yes, I prefer uphill : "*In my old Bible study, we were going to have T-shirts made that said, “Pharisaic Bitches From Hell.” We realized that as much as we wanted to be good and follow Jesus, we kept acting like Pharisees at least half... Continue Reading →

When the coin goes down!!

In Mexico we have a saying, "por fin te cayo el veinte" (when the coin goes down) Let me explain it to you. We used to have public telephones cabins where you went and grabbed the handle, deposited a coin and dialed, as soon as the other end answered the coin will go down connecting... Continue Reading →

Searching for the aroma

"Our goal should be able to get people to 'this' point, right now in this coffeehouse" This statement was shared to me while having a morning coffee. What was the point he was talking about? To a place where we can be ourselves, open to share our fears, our doubts about God and people, our... Continue Reading →

Underground Café(Underground Congregation)

What about a congregation that is a free medical clinic, a coffee-restaurant , an after school program, a weekend Peña(live music, wine and dancing), a "tapas" place( appetizers place), a place that instead of a sermon where a person talks and everybody listen, is a teaching where everybody learns together, where there is not a... Continue Reading →

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