The Challenge and beauty of Writing

Let me share with you a little segment of my first Essay for English 1020 class. Let me tell you, I worked so hard for this that my eyes are filled with words and my mind is almost ready to be committed. I wake up this morning so nervous and with the words of my teacher inside of me resounding,”everybody who pass my class, is a very good writer”. I worked on this essay more than 50 hours, that’s right!! It cost me so much, why? because…let me explain it to you. When I took English 1010 I loved it because I love to write. But I believe I am more into narratives, descriptions, on making alive things that are not. Like sharing the feelings of an uncomfortable chair…”I have been a chair all my life, since I was a little, I remember being uncomfortable and so and so”…I think I am a poet without poetry. But English 1020 is more about formal writing. Our first essay was persuasion. Oh my gosh!! just the word persuade scared me. For 3 weeks my mind was struggling, even to the point of giving up. But one day I stoop up and say: enough! I won’t be afraid of writing, I will work, I will do my best.(just ask my wife Paula how writing stole a bunch of time with her). Today I presented my essay in front of my teacher and another classmate. My voice was shaking inside, my hands were sweating; I arrived early just to read it at loud one more time. The clicking of the clock sounded like the big bells of the Cathedral of my home town in Mexico. I made a small prayer…..and there you go!!……...…coffee and the smell of it, is a way of inspiration, an instrument that elevates my thoughts and helps me contemplate what I have ahead. Having a cup of coffee, while I am seated in a local coffee shop is not about drinking; it is about being present in the rush of a community….taking this information in consideration, hopefully you can see how coffee consumption is, in fact, becoming a silent leak for many families. Maybe even you as a reader have not notices it in your own life, but it is present, coming out from the walls of your budget as a small leak or rapidly becoming a broken pipe.”

The title was: The Silent Leak. And just so you know I am writing this post with cup of grande latte…..isn’t coffee wonderful?


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