“Sometimes we are afraid of new challenges, but never be afraid of new relationships. The open door for God to move is always a possibility”

I have been extremely busy lately, not because I have a lot of “church” stuff, because if I say this I will be lying(if this is how you spell to lie? oh my gosh I need grammar classes, so what am I doing at TTU?). Any way, how can I do “church” stuff without everybody else from Connection? Isn’t “church” when we get everybody together? so the phrase, “working for the church” it is kind of weird; I think will sound better to say “working with the church”. If I keep writing about this subject I better write on my new blog (that you are invited to go and read) Uncomplicated Spirituality

This is about new relationships. Today I think, I was surprised by a call from a guy who responded to my urgent call for a worship leader to Connection. I don’t know if he felt the same, but after I talked to him for a couple of minutes, I felt like I have known him for a while. It is like the Spirit moving through a simple phone call. I don’t know if his place will be here among us; but what I can know is that, “the open door for God to move is always a possibility”. Last April I send an e-mail to a couple of pastors seeking guidance, and I finish the e-mail with these same words: “if you think this e-mail is weird, may be is God saying give it a try”. To this e-mail two people responded and one of them is Mark Nelson, a pastor in Knoxville Tennessee whom I have been talking since then and just 3 weeks ago we were having coffee together. This coming Sunday we will be worshiping with him and his congregation.

What happened today made me realized that one of things I haven’t lost are relationships. In the last six years I have gained so many new friends and these friends have become a family to me and Paula. This is what “church” is all about: Relationship with God and with each other.


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