is it worth it?

“Have you ever wanted to be someone else?
Have you ever wanted just to be someone?
Have you ever wanted to reach your dreams?
Have you ever wanted life to be more than it seems?”
Shawn McDonnald

I have wanted to be someone else or even to reach my dreams, and you know lately I have asked God the question: “what is your purpose for me to be here? is it worth it? Paula and I were eating last night and of course she was sharing with me her desire to go to her brother’s wedding next week. We haven’t being able to go back to Mexico in six years because when we go to the process to become permanent residence, we can not leave the country. We still believe that we will get that on October 4th, but what if we don’t get anything. We will miss the wedding like I have missed my dad’s 80th birthday and my two nieces’ weddings. Another time without being with our family whom we loved. So I asked her, “Paula if we cannot go, would you cry?” Of course she said yes and we asked ourselves one more time: is this worth it?
This makes me cry and I know that will make Paula cry too.

One thought on “is it worth it?

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  1. Querido Paula y Miguel,
    Solo ustedes puedan contestar esta pregunta. Yo entendería si mañana, ustedes me llamaron y dijeron que están irando a México por la boda. Los amo mucho, algunos veces como un madre y otros veces como una hermana. Ustedes bendicen mi vida. Estoy llorando tambien.

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