Comment to a pastor

My friend, I have read most of the books of Henry Nouwen and his words have given me a passion to keep seeking Christ. I recently read one of his biography and I realized something about Nouwen that I didn’t know before. He deal with an identity issue all his life and he was many times in this continue place of agony. The book I read specifically says Henry was gay. And understand this, he was not an active one, but one who was always recognizing the thorn in his flesh. Then when I read this prayer I clearly realized his heart, a heart of a ragamuffin seeking for the mighty grace of God. As a pastor we need to recognize our brokenness, our messiness and as everybody else being able to come to the Father not because of what we are, but about what He is. It is very easy to fall into the “we are the ones that need to take care of the ‘church’” people and not realized that Church is not an institution to run and function but as a group of people coming together, organizing together, recognizing that even the pastor is part of this whole group. So the burden doesn’t have to be in you only, but in everybody as a whole. My most intense moments with God are usually when I drink a cup of coffee and realized that in that moment of simplicity, He is there with me. May you breath God in the midst of the most simplest moments in you life.


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