What is a Fellowship anyway?

After many years today the congregation we started was recognized as a “fellowship”. What exactly is that?,I asked myself, I thought we were a missional congregation.
so I would like to ask: What is to be recognized as a fellowship? I though we were already a fellowship. May be I have never understood the meaning of fellowship. Have you? We have always tried to institutionalized everything we do. If we start something we want to call it “a ministry”. If we write a song, we want it to be copyright so we can tell the world it belongs to us. Now the church has many last names, some are communities, fellowships, churches, congregations, faith communities, etc. And depending on the last name is the way we act in our community. If we are a “Church” we are the religious one; if we are a “Community” we are the cool ones; if we are a “fellowship” we are the “I don’t know what is that but it sounds good” ones; if we are a “faith community” we are a group of people, Does it really matter?. I thought people is what makes church not if we are fellowship, community, gathering. What if we can recognized as Messy People and have a certificate hang on the wall saying “……the blah, blah, blah Institution certifies on September 23rd that this group of people are officially recognized as Messy People trying to find God.” Isn’t this more important that to be recognized as wherever they want you to be? Please help me to understand why there are so many last names on the word Church….


2 thoughts on “What is a Fellowship anyway?

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  1. Now you know exactly where I’ve been coming from for a long time.
    Loved it. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing you and Paula soon.

    We are very lucky to have you in our community.

    One of the messy ones,

  2. This is important because we are still part of the United Methodist Church and this is the system this denomination uses to understand congrgational growth. Now that this formality is completed, we can get back to becoming what God wants us to be. The most exciting part of this is that Harold and his wife were able to experience worship first hand with us.

    PS When you go to Mexico, I want to go with you!


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