I go to become….

I don’t go to church, I go to become the church. Church is not a place we go, church is when a broken, imperfect human being get together with another broken and imperfect human being to share the bread together, to help each other and to learn more about God. This a place where I would like to enter in coversation with people searching for Uncomplicated Spirituality. No full of do’s and don’t. Just a time with Him. What do you think about this?


2 thoughts on “I go to become….

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  1. A church that isn’t filled with do’s and don’ts…that is filled with those who desire to serve and to grow…a church that lets go of politics and that aims to just please God with each and every gathering, decision, etc….now wouldn’t that be wonderful?! I feel as if the church has lost sight of what our goal should truly be in this life- and that is to glorify our heavenly Father, to show others His love, and to follow His will for us and not conform to the pressures of this world. I am personally tired of the politics, the worrying about what everyone else thinks, the pressure to meet a certain “Christian” mold and well…Crappy-Attitude-Christians who think the church is “theirs”.

  2. Joanna, YES!!YES!!YES!!I loved your comment, specially when you said, “the pressure to meet a certain “Christian” mold. Thank you for helping me with my English Essay, if I get a good grade I will invite you and Chris for dinner and I will cook(if you are brave)….you know what, even if I don’t get a good grade, both of you need to have dinner with us, I promise I ask Paula for help when cooking….

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