Very easy spirit

You probably don’t know but I am a dedicated tennis fan, during the year I love to watch Roland Garros at Paris, Wimbledon at London, USA Open series and The USA Open at New York. This week the USA open has been on, so I have been watching the beauty of tennis. Today I saw the new generation: Novak Djokovic playing a great match against the Spaniard David Ferrer (6-4,6-4,6-3) who also played a tremendous game after defeating his fellow citizen Rafael Nadal (whose interview after the game last 3 minutes compare to Djokovic that last 11minutes).
Djokovic (from Serbia) is not only a great player but also has a great and easy spirit of humility. He is not only wining with technique and strength but also. with charisma. He will be playing Roger Federer (Wimbledon’s five consecutive winner) the 2007 USA final. For Djokovic will be his first Grand Slam final. Justine Henin won the women’s final. Tennis for me is like listening to a Beethoven’s music, it has a lot of strength but also there is beauty in every stroke or note. I really enjoy watching tennis!!!!


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