In the on going search of myself……Hello!! Hello!!! has anybody seen myself?……..I think I lost me (if is even spell this way) I like when Joana makes list of things, so I am going to try to make mine, here I go:
Things I have lost:
* My direction
* My energy to do ministry
* My hope for Institutional Church
* Hope in people
* 8lbs in five weeks
* The daily relationship with my parents
* My relationships with my siblings
* The love of serving
* The search of passionate people
* Hope in myself
* Dear friends left behind in Mexico
* My purpose in ministry
* My passion…I know is there but I have misplaced it
* The love of hiking and swimming
* The nights with friends( in Mexico)
* The heart for missions
* The loving people of the mountains of Veracruz
* My heart to change
* The meaning of ministry
* The joy of ministry


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  1. I have never lost hope or faith in you. I hope you know that I see Christ in you and I pray that you may see yourself through God’s eyes. Miguel, you are so so so loved and so special. No matter how you feel or how bad things may seem, cling to His Love.

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