Ask a Mexican

I am reading a very interested book I found in the bookstore called: ask a Mexican. It is a compilation of questions asked by Gabachos through out the local newspaper and answered by the author. It is pretty funny, some words will be a little bit heavy for a closed minded!! but if you don’t mind it will be a good and funny way to know more about Mexican culture and many more….Here is some examples:( some of the questions are pretty dumb but they were really asked!!!!)
Why do Mexicans always cram into a small car?
Dear Gabacho:Because a burro can’t support more than three people.
Why do Mexicans park their cars on the front lawn?
Dear Gabacho:Where do you want us to park them, menso? The garage we rent out to a family of five? The backyard where we put up our recently immigrated cousins in tool-shacks-cum-homes? The street with red curbs recently approved by city planners? The driveway covered with construction material for the latest expansion of la casa? The nearby school parking lot frequented by cholos on the prowl for a new radio? Menso, the lawn is the only spot Mexicans can park their cars without fear of break-ins, drunken crashes, or an unfortunate keying.
How come Mexicans play soccer and not real sport like hockey or football?
Dear Gabacho: because soccer involves more running, and how else will we train for the midnight run across the U.S.-Mexico border?
As a Mexican, aren’t you embarrassed and ashamed that probably the number one dream of people in Mexico is to sneak illeagelly into the United States, a gringo gabaucho society that is probably not one-tenth as corrupt as Mexico, which enables it to have an economy which has so much wealth even the poor people here have twenty-seven-inch color TVs?
Dear Gabacho: As an American, aren’t you embarrassed that you can’t write proper English–or as you may spell it, Inglich? “illeagelly”? “Gabaucho”? what country are you from? I know teenagers fresh from Jalostotitlán who spell better.
What is about the word illegal that Mexicans don’t understand?
Dear Gabacho: Take your pick, Mines. Mexicans don’t understand the word illegal because (A) when paying their gardeners, nannies, busboys, and factory workers in cash (and forgetting to withhold payroll taxes), U.S. employes don’t seem to understand the word illegal, so why should Mexicans?…….


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