To be a Church without being "a church"

Connection is going through a change and it is during this change that I have been thinking a lot. I was wondering the other day how can we fulfill the purpose of the church without being “a church”. Because I know that we are not only Sunday Services, but it seems that we concentrate too much only on Sunday. If we want to be a different “church” we need to think why we need to be different. There are already more than 50 churches in town and all of them offers many programs plus many Sunday services. Is the “church” about programs and services? or is the “people church” about people? Our goal as a “church” is to bring more people to our services so we can be self-supported? or our goal is to bring more people to Christ even if they never come to our “church building”? I taught the other day about church being the community of believers, so it doesn’t matter were you at, the church is there: at the park, at the swimming pool, at the bar, or a restaurant. Church is everywhere were community is happening. I have seen also a lot of organizations concentrating on buildings, yesterday a friend of mine told me that we should put signs outside of big churches that says” is not about a building, but about lives”. Why do we have to pay so much money to rent a place to be able to meet only for Sunday morning? If we are not about Sunday and programs but about people……… What do you think?


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