Engagement Ring

I was reading the post of a friend that was recently engaged. The way she described is a complete narration that takes you to the moment the future groom kneels down ans ask the “would you marry me?” question. Trhough reading that short story I can really see the gift Joanna has for writing; but at the same time her words make me think about my groom. Yes!! my groom who also takes me to the lake and speak soft and loving words to me. The one who invites me to go with Him and surrounds my life with his life. The one who prepares a whole and beautiful setting for me to fall in love continuously. My groom, my Christ. I know I am loved by Him and I know He is preparing a great ceremony for us; but sometimes I would love to experience it. To really feel Christ hands taking me to a place of contemplation; where I can recieve His ring on my hand and trhough the Cross speak to my heart saying: “You are mine”. And the same way a tear came out from Joanna’s, to come out a tear of joy from my eyes listening to the words of Christ. Oh Jesus, help me to fall in love with you!


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  1. Thank you for pointing this out to me!!! My Jesus pursues me in the same fashion Chris has pursued me for my hand in marriage. He has respected me, taken great care in our relationship, sacrificed for me, and has shown me great love. And, even crazier is to think that God’s love is even greater!!!!!! This is so so so wonderful!!!! Thank you for seeing God through my story and thank you for your encouragement. Miss you bunches still.

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