Notorious Sinners

Michael Yaconelli in his book messy spiritualy talks about a group of people that they call themselves “Notorious Sinners” because they are unafraid to admit their flaws, unintimidated by Christians who deny their own messiness, these guys sometimes look like pagans and other times look like Jesus. They are spiritual troublemakers, really, which is why they look like Jesus (whowas always causing troube himself)” (pg 16)

What a great truth about the notorious sinner group! again I am thinking about the First Church of the Pharisees that a friend told me we should call our church. I am truly a mess and my spirituality like Yaconelly says, “is complex, complicated and perplexing–the disorderly, sloppy, chaotic look of aunthentic faith in the real world”(Messy Spirituality, pag 17).

Living for Christ is the most challenging life we can have, I have no doubt about it. But living as a messy, flawness, imperfect, human being in perfect Christian subculture is another challenge we need to overcome.


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  1. I read this book too!!! It is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I recommend it highly!

  2. What an encouraging book….I think a lot of well churched people should read this…..especially those who have grown up into Christianity and find themselves living religiously rather than in relationship with God. If you feel like you are constantly walking in condemnation then read this book. This is not to excuse the sin…but it really proves that if we love the One who loves the sinner we will find freedom in serving Him.

  3. That is right Esther, I think the challenge we face is being able to recognize our humanity in this world where perfection, appearance and pretension are encouraged. It doesn’t matter who comes to the table, what it matters is what happens in the table where imperfect people can come and be in community with Him.

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