Just a beer!

I started school at Tennessee Tech University(TTU) and I am so happy to be able to finally be in this university. I have been enjoying my classes, I know, this is only my third day, you should ask me in a couple of weeks. I walk every morning from my house to school so that... Continue Reading →

Ask a Mexican

I am reading a very interested book I found in the bookstore called: ask a Mexican. It is a compilation of questions asked by Gabachos through out the local newspaper and answered by the author. It is pretty funny, some words will be a little bit heavy for a closed minded!! but if you don't... Continue Reading →

My dad is doing much better

After two bypasses ,lots of worry and of course prayers, I talked to my dad this morning and he sounded pretty good. His last surgery was last August 23rd the bypass on the leg. He kept telling me that he was feeling like never before and he kept thanking me and telling me how much... Continue Reading →

Missional Church

What do you think about this?Posted by Miguel Carpizo in his state of brokenness Escrito por Miguel Carpizo en su estado de quebrantamiento

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