Soccer and Spain

Well, the family where Diego is staying found a good soccer league here in Cookeville for him to play. They haven’t played one single game and Diego is already the start of the team. Everybody is talking about this foreign student and his great talent. The other day in one of the parent’s meeting the leading dad said, “we have a new player, he is an exchange student from Spain. He is a truly Spaniard from Spain”(He was referring to Diego). It is funny because a lot of people think we don’t look Mexicans, and my answer always will be, How a Mexican needs to look like, to look like a Mexican?
We are people of stereotypes; we want people to look the way we think they should look, or to act the way we think they should act. I know we do it unconsciousness, but our stereotypes can hindering the way we relate with others. For example, if you know the Lord, you should behave in a way you are example for others, right? I will say, according to whom? If I am a heavy metal skateboard dude!, do I need to behave the way a business man does? Even when we think about skateboard dudes we think about heavy metal; but I am pretty sure there are skateboarders that like classical music, don’t you think so?
“Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God.”(Romans 12) Don’t you think we have created a Christian Sub-culture? How a Christian needs to look like, to look like a Christian?(or to act, or to talk, or to behave) We even have norms about how a Church needs to be. I think is because we have been taught this way and sometimes we don’t know another way. We want to do “church” differently and we ended up doing church the same way but just with minor changes. It is like going back to the whole expectation subject. We have certain expectations from people and when they don’t meet our expectations we get upset and frustrated.

Back to Diego’s Story, now we have so much fun teasing him. We say he is from Spain so we call him “Venancio”. And by the way I think he will play with a league from Knoxville so we will be traveling to watching play. I am happy he is here because that will give an opportunity to get to know him more and to connect to one of my nephews…….y que Viva Mexico!


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