kind of weird?

34 days and my face still paralyzed!! Well my mouth is getting a little better, or may be I am getting used to talk with half of my mouth. Some days are extremely good, others are just hard. The medicine I am taking (steroids)has messed up my sleeping pattern. Some nights I can rest with no problems at all, other nights I am awake all night. The good thing about all these is that I have had a lot of time to read (until my eyes starts watering the I need to stop and rest). Connection Fellowship is going through summer. This is the first summer that the attendance to Sunday gatherings went down, but because I am dealing with this illness, I have decided to relax and get ready for the fall. I have been reading Hebrews and a couple days ago I read this, “Because he honored God, God answered him though he was God’s son, he learned thrusting-obedience by what he suffered, just as we do” (Hebrews 5). Do I came to Him to learn trusting-obedience through suffering?


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