Soccer and Spain

Well, the family where Diego is staying found a good soccer league here in Cookeville for him to play. They haven't played one single game and Diego is already the start of the team. Everybody is talking about this foreign student and his great talent. The other day in one of the parent's meeting the... Continue Reading →

Family is Here

My sister and her children came to visit from Mexico. It is good to have family around us and being able to talk and share our lives. She is the one next to me, but still 7 years older. Her son Diego (in the picture and now 13 years old) is staying and live with... Continue Reading →

This is what counts

When my ego is crushed I usually react with anger or trying to defend myslef or the ministry I am doing. Why? It seems that somebody else has hurt something inside of me and when this happens I react to that pain. It is alomost like an action-reaction response; and you know what? I don't... Continue Reading →

What do you want to see?

If you were to start a new church, what do you think people (outside the church) may want to see in this new place? and what would you like to see?Posted by Miguel Carpizo in his state of brokenness Escrito por Miguel Carpizo en su estado de quebrantamiento

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