Knowing Him

I don’t want to sound “cheese”, but to be real I have to keep reminded myself why in the world I am doing serving Christ? Today while reading my life journal (daily devotional) I read this: “I gave up all that inferior stuff so I could know Christ personally, experience his resurrection power, be a partner in his suffering, and go all of the way with him to death itself”(words from Paul to the Philippians. Ch 3, Vrs 10-11. The Message). I have found a personal intimacy with Christ through my daily living, not exactly through Sunday services. For the first time in 17 years I have been trying to know Him, I feel totally relax about my relationship with Him, because is just between each other. It is not anymore about knowing him through the “organized church”, it is not the Christ somebody else taught me; it is the Christ I have always wanted to know. The Christ of the Cross I used to see every Friday night when Father Christian Jean spoke about him with so intensity that I wanted to know him more. The Christ of the Eucharistic, the Christ who invites me to his table to seat and eat with him. Through Him and the power of His resurrection I have known my Abba. The true merciful and graceful Abba who has accepted me the way I am with my weakness and flawless, and who still believes in me. Someone I can run and extend my arms and shout: daddy!! daddy!!…… know I am looking forward for that moment when I get home and I can embrace my Heavenly Father. …..and with all these words I can say that I have given up everything else to have my life fulfilled….and that’s why serving Him is worth every single thing…..YES, He is worth every single moment!!!

What is Christ for you?..……….not church, not your denomination, not the small group, not Sunday services, not your Christian friends, not the worship band, not even all the involvement you have at your local church, congregation or fellowship…nop!! Just Christ.


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