Don’t loose Hope

I have been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and half of my face still after 11 days is paralyzed. The pain is most of the time gone if I take the pain killers they gave me. I started to develop vertigo and that is something you don’t want to experience because I feel like I just went through a couple of rides in the local fair and the world around me moves in all directions. Because of my eye is always open I have to used a patched to protect it, but then I can not drive and do much with it. Paula has been a great and sweet nurse, she is just so precious as a person and I am so glad she is is my wife and best friend. This time seating at my house and listening to so much classical music has given me a lot of moments to thank God about life and everything He has done for us. I am thankful that I got ill because that has helped me to make a stop in my life and just appreciate it. Every minute, every hour, every moment. 11 days ago I was loosing hope and believe me I was loosing my own dreams. Now I have felt that in the midst of these moments the Lord, my Abba, has told me, “Miguel I haven’t forgot your dream, please don’t you”. This week I saw The Never Ending Story and this scene is one of my favorites, the sound is not very good but listen to what the wolf has to say to Atreyu about loosing hope. “Do you think is easy to loose our hope and dreams?


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